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Many of our members frequently write letters to the editor or commentary articles, and many regularly communicate with local, state and national representatives. Whether they do it as individuals or as members of Women's Voices, our members are speaking out, and their voices are being heard. Here are some other events our members have attended, and efforts undertaken by the whole group:

June 30, 2014 - Annual Pride Parade

Thanks to the 19 Women's Voices members and friends who marched in the St. Louis Pride Parade on Sunday, June 29. Kudos to Ann Ross for coordinating our group! Spectators along the route responded enthusiastically to our signs which had quotes from such wise and famous people as Dr. Seuss, Tennessee Williams and Alice Walker.

May 15, 2014 - The Women's Filibuster - Jefferson City

Mary Ann Tipton and Ann Ross
Women's Voices partnered with Planned Parenthood in a 72-hour filibuster against a bill that would triple the state's mandatory waiting period to 72 hours for a woman seeking safe, legal aortion. The protest ended Thursday at 2 p.m. Our members Mary Ann Tipton and Ann Ross represented us in speaking against this legislation, which has now passed the Senate and the House. We join women all across Missouri in urging Governor Nixon to veto this legislation when it reaches his desk.

Ann Ross read the Women's Voices Position Paper on Reproductive Rights, as well as a message of encouragement from Lisa LeBlanc, whose testimony was read during the Wendy Davis filibuster in Texas. Mary Ann Tipton spoke about the personal experiences of herself and prior generations of women in her family in Missouri, regarding reproductive choice. (Mary Ann's Remarks)


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