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February, 2010

Members of Women's Voices Raised for Social Justice believe that a comprehensive, responsive and robust system of public transportation is a necessity for citizens throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Individuals depend on public transportation to get to jobs, medical appointments and entertainment venues. Businesses both large and small depend on public transportation to get workers to their jobs. The elderly and disabled depend on public transportation to meet many of their needs.

In addition to being an economic and social justice issue, lack of efficient public transportation is an environmental issue. More cars on more roads leads to greater fuel consumption and more greenhouse gas emissions, which results in additional air pollution and contributes to global warming.

On April 6, 2010, residents of St. Louis County will be asked to vote to authorize a half cent sales tax increase to provide operating funds for MetroBus, MetroLink and Call-A-Ride services. Members of Women's Voices have voted to endorse this sales tax increase.

However, we believe that sales taxes, in general, are regressive and disproportionately affect low and moderate-income individuals. Therefore, while we endorse the proposed tax increase, we also call upon Metro and local, regional and state officials to begin to investigate alternate methods of providing long-term, sustainable support for public transportation in Missouri. We call for new, creative approaches to promote sustainable and equitable transportation for all of our citizens.